Agency Life 001 | Meghan Rothschild of ChikMedia

On the premier episode of Agency Life, Alfonso sits down with Meghan Rothschild of ChikMedia, based in Northampton Massachusetts.

Meghan is perhaps one of the most driven marketers I’ve met and am excited she is on the show. With a focus of women owned brands, she works with clients all over the United States.

We clicked right away in our no BS approach when it comes to working with clients. In this episode, we discuss the start of ChikMedia and where she got the name, work life balance (whatever that is), dealing with difficult clients and some WTF moments along the way.

Below are just some of the talking points through our conversations:

  1. How she got into the industry (00:54)
  2. What her big “what the fuck” client story (04:00)
  3. Tracking hours on project (10:49)
  4. Listening to your gut (12:22)
  5. Marketing the marketing (16:50)
  6. How she manages her work-life balance (21:30)
  7. What keeps her motivated (24:35)
  8. How she came up with the name ChikMedia (26:08)

Listen below:

Or Watch below:

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