Agency Life 002 | Michael Kusek of Different Leaf

On this week’s episode of Agency Life, I sit down with Michael Kusek of Different Leaf based in Northampton, MA.

I’ve known Michael for years now. When I first met him, he was working in public relations, but his experience in the different sectors of our industry has helped him to his latest project, Different Leaf.

Quarterly, Different Leaf will provide a roadmap to an evolving landscape for new as well as experienced cannabis consumers in Massachusetts. Each issue will feature editorial that explores the medical, legal and social topics as well as food, nutrition & fitness, travel & tourism, arts & culture as well as the broad array of products available.

Below are just some of the talking points through our conversations:List

  1. How he got into the industry (01:09)
  2. How do you know when it’s time to end a chapter and begin a new one? (04:49)
  3. What has been his craziest moment (10:09)
  4. Different Leaf and agency work (14:14)
  5. Marketing in the Cannabis industry (14:54)
  6. Agencies wanting to work with the cannabis industry (18:28)
  7. Marketing Cannabis businesses on social media (26:36)

Listen Below:

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