Agency Life 005 | Ryan McCollum of RMC Strategies

Alfonso sits with Ryan McCollum of RMC Strategies and Get Set Marketing.

From work life balance to getting involved in the community to getting new clients, Alfonso and Ryan dive in to business, sales, marketing, and politics.

Some of the discussions Alfonso and Ryan talk about:

  1. His entrance into the marketing world (00:55)
  2. What made him take the leap to starting his own business (03:01)
  3. Giving back to the community (04:32)
  4. Working with professionals vs giving marketing to a person at the office (09:51)
  5. What he learned to help get those clients he wants to work with (12:39)
  6. When a potential client says they don’t have a budget (13:18)
  7. Who has influenced him (18:09)
  8. What would he tell himself years ago (22:21)

Listen to full episode below:

Watch here:

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Agency Life is a podcast with marketers sharing their stories and experiences in the fast pace industry. Created and hosted by Alfonso Santaniello of the Creative Strategy Agency Inc., the podcast brings you a weekly look into the lives of marketers, publicists, designers and more. Marketers are in fact people, and this podcast is to highlight the people behind the strategies.