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Welcome to the beginning of something special! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alfonso Santaniello, and I own and operate the Creative Strategy Agency, Inc., a digital marketing agency headquartered in Springfield, MA serving clients nationally.

The Agency Life Podcast was really that “on the napkin at the bar” type of idea. I work and collaborate with many marketers, publicists, designers and more in the industry. We always share stories about our work, but more importantly our lives.

Throughout the ten years of running, working on and working in the agency life, there have been many highs peaks, low valleys and everything in between. And I’m not talking about business. Life happens. From landing my first national client at 24 to losing my sister at 25, I’ve gone through some heavy times, but so does everyone. Over time, I found that each one of us goes through our own stories while telling stories for our clients.

From being a single parent of three to knowing when to sell your business to mental health, we as marketers have our own stories to tell. And I am here to share some of those amazing stories, in hope that we marketers can help one another.

Welcome to the Agency Life Podcast, an authentic conversation between marketers about marketing, life and everything in between.

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Agency Life is a podcast with marketers sharing their stories and experiences in the fast pace industry. Created and hosted by Alfonso Santaniello of the Creative Strategy Agency Inc., the podcast brings you a weekly look into the lives of marketers, publicists, designers and more. Marketers are in fact people, and this podcast is to highlight the people behind the strategies.